How To Stop Smoking Weed Without Going Cold Turkey

The smoke from weed can be harsh on the throat and lungs, inciting coughing spells and throat irritations. To quit smoking weed abruptly for the frequent user may not always be easy, especially those who truly enjoy smoking weed. Don’t worry though, smoking weed does not cause physical dependence and it is not impossible to stop smoking weed.

Have a friend that will see you through.

One very successful way to start the process of quitting is to talk to a friend about it. Ask the friend if they would be willing to help you while you try to stop smoking weed. There are various ways they can help you, but they can begin by hiding your stash from you and regulating the intervals which you smoke.

At first, you should try to avoid smoking in the morning because many people are mentally addicted to the feeling of being high, so if you can teach your mind to enjoy the beginning of the day with out weed, you will be one step closer to controlling your urges to smoke weed.

You and your friend should analyze how often you smoke, and try to cut back about 30% for the first two weeks. After the first week, your mind will be more accepting when it is not stoned because it will not be so use to it.

Usually, the reason people have trouble trying to smoke smoking weed is because they have become so use to the feeling that their mind thinks being stoned is normal. Teach your mind to accept and enjoy being sober so that you will not be so tempted to smoke weed.

It will be up to you to gradually decrease the amount of weed you smoke each week until you no longer smoke.

If you are serious about quitting.

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Keeping track of what you do is also crucial.

Another useful way to quit smoking weed without going cold turkey is to make a schedule regarding how often you buy weed and how much you buy.

Estimate how much money you spend each week on weed, and try to cut that amount in half. You should decide that you are only willing to spend about half as much as you use to spend on weed. Each week, plan to spend less and less on weed, and buy yourself some items that will not disappear after you use them.

By gaining valuable items such as jewelry, clothes, and movies, you will appreciate the value of your money more and you won’t be as willing to spend it on weed. Gradually spend less and less on weed until you no longer waste money on it.

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