How Weed Affects Your Body

Young cannabis plants.If you’ve found yourself trying over and over again to stop smoking weed, or marijuana, you’re starting to understand the truth about this drug.

Weed is addictive, like cigarettes, alcohol, and many other drugs.

While it can be difficult to stop smoking weed, it’s definitely not impossible.

There are several things you can do to make the process go smoothly.

Taking Steps to Quit Marijuana

One of the first steps is to understand what this drug does to your body because knowledge is power.

Marijuana comes from the Cannabis plant, which is dried and smoked.

If you smoke weed, you’re not alone.  Many people participate in this habit, but for some people this can be very addictive.

The drug in weed is called THC for short.  The actual name is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

Some Changes in Your Body You May Experience

This drug enters your bloodstream just seconds after you inhale the smoke and can cause some immediate changes to your physical body.

For example, you may have an increase in your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate.

People also experience an increase in appetite that’s known as the munchies.  You may also experience red eyes, a dry mouth, and a reaction time that’s slower than usual.

This feeling can last in the body for about three hours, but your body remains impaired for much longer.

In fact, this drug can stay in your system for days and even weeks for some people.

Some Psychological Changes

Smoking pot can also cause you to have psychological changes such as feeling paranoid, losing your short-term memory, and experiencing anxiety and depression.

You might also lose track of time and have distorted thoughts.

These are just the short-term problems.  People who smoke marijuana for a long period of time are at higher risk for lung cancer.

Men can also experience a drop in sperm count that leads to infertility.

Men can also have a decrease in libido because of lowered testosterone levels.

If you have an addiction to marijuana, it can be physically hard to stop.

What are Some Symptoms?

You may feel symptoms such as anxiety, appetite problems, depression, and even aggression.

While not everyone experiences this, chances are that if you feel you can’t stop on your own, you have an addiction that includes withdrawal symptoms.

At the very least, you feel like it’s a stress reliever for you and you need to find other ways to relax.

Understanding what’s actually happening to your body can help you make the decision to quit and that’s a great first step!

But you may be unsure of how to get started with actually giving up.

Read my review on how to quit weed program and get started today!

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